Water softener

OptiPure are experts when it comes to water treatment solutions. They offer two lines of filtration systems: The FX systems use conventional filter in sump technology & The QT systems employ sealed Qwik-Twist housings that make filter changes easy and convenient. OptiPure products are made with the most advanced technologies to provide customers with superior water filtration.

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  • Can be used with hot or cold feed water supplies. Any application requiring hardness and/or iron removal or managed hardness reduction:
  • Warewashing Equipment
  • Tea Brewers
  • Coffee Brewers
  • The OptiSoft Water Softener Model OS.29 is designed to remove or reduce calcium and magnesium “hardness” minerals from water eliminating problems associated with the formation and accumulation of scale deposits. Scale forming minerals can be removed through ion exchange. For applications where a managed amount of hardness minerals is desired, the OptiSoft OS.29 is equipped with precision blending allowing the operator to reliably customize the amount of hardness in the treated water. The system utilizes an electronic controller for simple setup and user interface. The OS.29 is suitable for both cold and/or hot water up to 149°F.