Water filtration sediment pre-filter

OptiPure are experts when it comes to water treatment solutions. They offer two lines of filtration systems: The FX systems use conventional filter in sump technology & The QT systems employ sealed Qwik-Twist housings that make filter changes easy and convenient. OptiPure products are made with the most advanced technologies to provide customers with superior water filtration. 

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  • ALL EQUIPMENT APPLICATIONS – When excessive sediment is a problem.

  • EXISTING FILTRATION SYSTEMS – Provides added prefiltration to extend filter life.

The FXAF-12B is a single-housing water treatment system with a drop-in 4.5” x 20” high-capacity, dualdensity sediment cartridge that takes out dirt, rust and other particulates down to 5 microns. The system can be used as a point-of-use sediment reduction filter; or it can be applied prior to a primary filtration system to provide additional prefiltration to protect against premature plugging due to excessive dirt and sediment levels found in some water supplies. System includes a pressure gauge, inlet ball valve and mounting bracket.


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