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OptiPure are experts when it comes to water treatment solutions. They offer two lines of filtration systems: The FX systems use conventional filter in sump technology & The QT systems employ sealed Qwik-Twist housings that make filter changes easy and convenient. OptiPure products are made with the most advanced technologies to provide customers with superior water filtration.

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  • Water quality can be adjusted to provide ideal water for espresso and coffee applications, counter-top combi ovens or any application where high quality water and the ability to manage total dissolved solids level is desired.

The OptiPure® BWS100/10 is a Blended Water System that utilizes reverse osmosis (RO) to remove >97% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) from water which can be precisely blended with fi ltered water to a user determined TDS level. The system operates at line pressure and can produce up to 100+ gallons per day of optimal quality water for applications where TDS reduction or the removal of the majority of hardness minerals is required. The BWS100/10 is a
complete system that includes integrated pre-filtration with particulate and chlorine reduction, the Advanced Membrane Separation (AMS) Processor and final post-filtration in a space saving, wall-mount or undercounter design. Also included is a 10 gallon pressurized sealed storage tank and sample port. Hose, tubing and fittings required for installation are included.