Grill Max Bun Drawer & Bun Boxes

Star Holman manufactures reliable, quality foodservice equipment that caters to a wide variety of needs. They specialize in providing everything from Cooking Equipment, Baking Equipment and Toasting Equipment to Concession Equipment, Steaming Equipment and Merchandising/Warming Equipment. Whether you’re new to the market, expanding your menu or replacing existing equipment with its large selection of models and competitive warranty Star Holman’s got you covered. 

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Heated Bun Drawer- SST-20A, SST-30A, SST-50A, SST-75A
Unheated Bun Box/Stainless Steel Door- SS30BB, SS50BB
Unheated Bun Box/ Clear Door- SS30BBC, SS50BBC

All Models
• Constructed with a stainless steel body and sturdy drawer design for dependable and durable service
• Stackable with Star roller grills to maximize counter space and product storage at the same time

Heated Bun Drawers
• Heated drawers operate from 80° F (26.7° C) to 200°F (93.3°C) to provide perfectly warm and moist buns
• Concealed controls to minimize the chance of tampering

Unheated Bun Boxes
• Low profile storage space for wrapped or unwrapped buns
• Optional clear door to promote impulse sales and display freshness


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