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Tube fired fryer space saver filter systems

Imperial manufactures a complete line of standard and heavy duty stainless steel cooking equipment that is customizable to meet the diverse needs of customers in a commercial environment. The planning and precision used in Imperial’s manufacturing process result in a superior line of products for end users. Using top-quality materials and incorporating unique features, Imperial produces equipment that is built to outperform and outlast the competition.

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Models Available: IFSSP250, IFSSP350, IFSSP450, IFSSP550, IFSSP650, IFSSP275, IFSSP375, IFSSP475,  IFSSP575, IFSSP675   

Filter package choices

  • Up to six fryers can be batteried into one fryer / filter system

  • Available for 50 and 75 lb. (27 and 41 Liters) oil capacity fryers

  • Available with Snap Action Thermostats, Electronic Thermostats or Computer Controls

Located under fryers

  • Filter location under fryers saves valuable space

  • Internally plumbed oil drain and return line

Unique filter pan design

  • Filter pan is designed for maximum oil return

  • Stainless steel construction is easy to clean and has a professional look

  • Positive-latching filter paper holder holds paper in place for optimal filtration

  • Quick disconnect connection offers quick and safe connection of the filtered oil back into the frypots

  • All oil drain and return lines are internally plumbed for convenience and safety


  • Up to six fryers can be batteried into one fryer / filter system

  • 5.5 GPM pump with a 1/3 HP motor speeds up filtering process

  • Can pump oil into a disposal vat up to 20 feet away

Exterior features

  • Continuous cabinet provides a professional look

  • 5″ (127 mm) deep continuous stainless steel front landing ledge

  • Stainless steel precision welded frypot

  • Includes casters, joiner strips and filter starter kit

  • Rear gas manifold with one point gas connection

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