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Since 1969, Kitchen Brains has earned more than 32 U.S and European patents on timers, control processes, communications and appliance networking software. From grilling, frying and baking to holding, serving and tracking, it continues to innovate and are renowned worldwide for its design ingenuity and manufacturing excellence. 

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Kitchen Brains® (FAST.)® MERIDIAN™ Timers offer greater functionality than our ZAP timers. These digital programmable timers prompt cook operators to perform a function during a timing cycle, such as flipping the burgers, shaking the fries or buttering the baguettes. The MERIDIAN™ timers can be set to prompt any action, including refreshing the salad bar, hand washing and more. Once the cooking cycle is complete, the digital programmable timer can become a count up timer for holding cabinets.

  • MERIDIAN™ timer offers 10 or 18-product keys to support large menus

  • Digital programmable timer with intuitive messaging enables operators to customize names and action alarms

  • Across-the-kitchen restaurant monitoring includes audible and visual alerts

  • Count up timer monitors holding times to ensure 100% product freshness

  • Changeable menu strips with globalized function icons

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