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The smoker ovens offer the capability to dry bake, bake with moisture, warm, slo-cook, hold and smoke. These units are equiped with the V-AIR technology.This unique air flow design allows smoke to fl ow evenly across each shelf. You have the option to turn this feature on and off . These units are also equiped with the AUTOMIST technology. You can control the humidity during the cooking process to ensure tender and juicy slow cooked smoked meats. Finally, set the cook temperature and time then set the hold temperature and time and walk away. This unit automatically switches to hold after your cooking has ended.

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  • Solid state controls

  • Indicator light for thermostat

  • Temperature up to 350 °F

  • 24 hour timer

  • Seperate controls for smoke, humidity and heat

  • Stainless steel construction

  • 6’’ legs (SMOKE6)

  • Casters (SMOKE13)

  • Includes wire racks

  • Left or right hinged (please specify upon ordering)

  • Bottom drip-safe pan for ease of cleaning in all models

  • Two year parts and one year labor warranty


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