Smoker oven floor unit

Toastmaster is a trusted brand in the foodservice industry. In addition to offering the best pop-up toasters, they offer dependable solutions in grilling, cooking and holding. Toastmaster equipment is reliable, affordable and built to perform. 

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Toastmaster Smokers can deliver great results with ease of use and dependable quality that you can count on. These units provide a method of cooking foods that are flavorful and appealing. 

The taste is outstanding and the flavor is genuine

The secret to a great flavorful and tender food smoked in Toastmaster Smokers is the optimum environment of circulated hot air, relative moisture and astute pressure in the units. This environment can be adjusted for each unique application

  • The benefits of the features incorporated into the Toastmaster Smokers are:
  • Stainless steel construction provides a heavy duty, long life unit
  • Controlled air movement provides even cooking and smoke distribution
  • Heavy duty locking casters provide easy moving for cleaning, and easy locking to keep unit in place
  • Cook’n Hold allows you to time your cook then switch automatically to the hold mode at the pre-set temperatures
  • Insulated solid door with silicone rubber gasket to eliminate heat loss providing energy savings
  • Removable chrome racks and bottom drip pan for ease of cleaning
  • Moisturized compartment provides less shrinkage and drying of food product
  • Unit can be used with or without smoke for versatility of product


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