Rolling tortilla warmer

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Models: RTW14E, RTW20E

  • Heats products to a target temperature of 160° F (71° C) ina matter of seconds

  • RTW14E models can heat up to 900 6-inch (152 mm) tortillasper hour and RTW20E models can heat up to 1,350 6-inch(152 mm) tortillas per hour.

  • Electronic control allows easy and precise adjustment of thethermostat up to 480° F (249° C) and quick changes to drumspeed

  • Efficient radiant heating uses substantially less energy andcuts down on excess heat outside of the unit for a coolerworking environment

  • Top cover swings open and upper and lower tray remove foreasy cleaning

  • Staltek™ drum coating is easy to clean and exceptionally durable.

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