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Star Holman manufactures reliable, quality foodservice equipment that caters to a wide variety of needs. They specialize in providing everything from Cooking Equipment, Baking Equipment and Toasting Equipment to Concession Equipment, Steaming Equipment and Merchandising/Warming Equipment. Whether you’re new to the market, expanding your menu or replacing existing equipment with its large selection of models and competitive warranty Star Holman’s got you covered.

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Models: 3WSA-HS, 3WLA-HS, 3WLA-P, 3WLA-W, 3WLA-4H, 3WLA-B, 11WLA, 11WLA-P & 11WLA-HS

3WSA-HS: 3.5qt Stainless warmer w/ pump & heated spout
3WLA-HS: 3.5qt Lighted warmer w/ pump and heated spout
3WLA-P: 3.5qt Lighted warmer w/ pump
3WLA-W: 3.5qt Lighted warmer w/ 1oz ladle
3WLA-4H: 3.5qt Lighted warmer w/ hinged lid & 1oz ladle
3WLA-B: 3.5qt Lighted warmer w/ butter pump
11WLA: 11qt Lighted Warmer
11WLA-P: 11qt Lighted Warmer w/ pump
11WLA-HS: 11qt Lighted Warmer w/ pump & heated spout

  • Single specialty warmers in stainless steel and lighted models warm cheese, chili, fudge or other food products from a #10 tin (3-1/2 qt only), 3-1/2 and 11 quart Bain Marie or 4 quart vegetable insets
  • Specialty lighted and stainless front warmers have 3-1/2 and 11 quart wells for heating a variety of viscous food items
  • Select from ladle serve units, portion control pumps or pumps with heated spout to match product and serving requirements
  • Adjustable thermostat for precise temperature control and storing product at proper serving temperature
  • Lighted units have a selection of attractive colorful signs that are easily changed (without tools) to match products and build impulse sales
  • Optional stainless steel 3-1/2 and 11 quart Bain Marie or 4 quart vegetable insets with covers or serve directly from a #10 tin (3-1/2 qt only)


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