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Immersion circulator with stirrer

SAMMIC manufactures a full line of food preparation and food preservation equipment. For over 50 years, they’ve been offering customized solutions to meet the needs of users in the foodservice industry. Their products are built with quality in mind to withstand demanding foodservice applications. At SAMMIC, they pay close attention to market needs and work with the aim of satisfying them, always following the highest standards.

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-Commercial high-precision sous-vide cooker. Reliable, user-friendly, portable.
-Portable precision cooker with stirrer for up to 28 lt. / 7 gal. containers. Designed for chefs, developed with chefs.
-The thick stainless steel, robust construction guarantees commercial performance. The front panel and the grip are made of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide.
-SmartVide guarantees cooking at a precisely controlled temperature while preserving the quality of the product, enhancing flavor and texture. Equipped with a highly precise temperature control system to obtain extremely consistent results.
-Allows cooking food in their own juice and using this juice immediately after cooking to enhance flavors.
-Marinates and macerates an ingredient in half the time.
-Infuses and flavors oil, fat or other products applying the controlled temperature technique.
-Increases profits due to lack of product shrink.
-Requires very little hands-on time, allowing the Chef to do other tasks while the product is being cooked. Just program temperature and time, SmartVide will do the rest. 4 buttons and a full-color TFT display that offers all the information at a glance.
-SmartVide4 is portable: thanks to their ergonomic handle.


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