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Ice machine stands

Hoshizaki specializes in producing quality commercial ice machines and refrigeration products.  The equipment is built to the highest standards with unique features that make it the most durable and reliable in the industry. Hoshizaki’s ice machines produce crystal clear, longer- lasting ice which is why it holds its reputation as “The World’s Most Perfect Ice”.

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Models: SD-200, SD-270, SD-500, SD-750

  • Heavy duty stands for floor model icemakers/dispensers
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel exterior
  • Easy cleaning with attractive appearance
  • Locking doors standard


SD-200: Machine stand for DM-200

SD-270: Machine Stand for DCM-270 and DCM-270-OS

SD-500: Machine Stand for DCM-300BAH, DCM-300BAH-OS, DCM-500B_H and DCM-500B_H-OS

SD-750: Machine Stand for DCM-751B_H and DCM-751B_H-OS


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