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Ice device ice storage & dispensing systems single door

Follett are the leaders in designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative ice storage bins, ice storage and transport systems. They offer the industry’s largest line of non-mechanical dispensing bins and ice transport carts. 


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Available with: SmartCART 75 (1), SmartCART125 (1), Bagger Kit, Cambro ICS125L Cart (1), Low-profile Single Door with Totes Carrier

Eliminate scooping!  Ice•DevIce™ gravity dispense and ice transport system provides a faster and more sanitary way to safely get ice where you need it.  Small and large scale operations can benefit with models ranging from 460 to 4600 lbs (209 to 2105 kg) storage capacities in as little as 30″ (76 cm) of floor space.  These bins are compatible with cube or nugget ice and are a great fit for operations that frequently transport ice.

Ice DevIce uses gravity to remove the ice from the bin — just open the front chute and ice flows out of the bin and into Follett’s SmartCART™, Ice Tote™ or bagger accessory.  The dedicated SmartCART safely and quickly transports ice to where it will be used.  Ice Totes eliminate shoveling of ice from the cart and limit lifted weight to 25 lbs (11 kg).

  • Front ice chute and patented SmartGATE® interior gate
  • Full stainless exteriors
  • Non-corroding polyethylene liners, snouts and lift doors with PowerHinge™
  • Choice of two SmartCARTs, single ice Tote or bagging accessory
  • Probe and rake tools
  • Tops custom cut for the ice machine


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