Hygeia Sanitizing Spray Bottle

The Hygeia SB100 turns common tap water (O2) into super oxygenated water (O3). Using a Globally Patented, Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology (ADEPT), Hygeia is able to create Aqueous Ozone (AO), a water-based sanitizer, as an alternative to traditional sanitizers and cleaners.

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-It Kills Germs and Eliminates Odour
-It’s Safe- USDA organic substance rating; Perfect stability control so it never loses efficacy while
sitting on a shelf; No chemicals to store or dispose
-It Saves Money- Eliminates ongoing chemical purchases; Eliminates all waste like spills and overuse
-It’s Environmentally Responsible- Doesn’t use chemicals; Zero risks of spill hazards
-Blue and Red indicator lights assure you it’s working
-Polycarbonate design for durability in commercial settings
-Quick charger with “full battery” light indicator
-Ergonomic Design