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Toastmaster is a trusted brand in the foodservice industry. In addition to offering the best pop-up toasters, they offer dependable solutions in grilling and holding. Toastmaster equipment is reliable, affordable and built to perform. 

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9451-HP34CDN: Insulated
E9451-HP34CDN: Uninsulated

Toastmaster’s insulated and non-insulated Aluminum Heater / Proofer Cabinets serve a dual purpose:

  • As proofers, the controlled heat (up to 110 degrees F) and controlled humidity create the perfect atmosphere for proofing of yeast raised products
  • As hold-and-serve heated cabinets, they assure the operator proper holding temperatures from preparation to serving

In locations where cabinets will be used primarily for holding with infrequent serving applications (gauged by door openings) or in situations with limited start-up budgets, the non-insulated cabinet would satisfy most requirements.

In higher volume operations with more frequent serving applications the insulated cabinet would be the better choice as it delivers a faster recovery and greater consistency of temperature.  

The insulated cabinets are, of course, more energy efficient and although more costly initially, they are a better value over time.  Whichever style cabinet you select, you can be confident that your food will be held at proper serving temperatures.

The features and benefits incorporated into the Toastmaster Heater/Proofers are:

  • Heavy duty extruded anodized aluminum door frames which are abuse resistant and non-warping
  • A full perimeter magnetic door gasket assures positive seal and easy opening
  • Four corner bumpers ensure walls and other kitchen fixtures will be protected
  • Enclosed blowers and side to side airflow assure even heat and humidity distribution
  • As the door has been eliminated as a factor in the air flow, you will experience improved consistency and shorter recovery times
  • Removable heating consoles and lift out slides make Toastmaster units easy to clean
  • Standard 5” diameter x 1” tread plate casters (provided on non-insulated cabinets) are acid resistant and easy to roll
  • Heavy duty 5” diameter x 1-1/4” polyurethane tread plate casters with brakes (provided on insulated cabinets) are acid resistant and easy to roll, and come with standard brakes
  • 190” thick base and reinforced corner design assures durability and years of operation


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