Grill-max roller grills

Star Holman manufactures reliable, quality foodservice equipment that caters to a wide variety of needs. They specialize in providing everything from Cooking Equipment, Baking Equipment and Toasting Equipment to Concession Equipment, Steaming Equipment and Merchandising/Warming Equipment. Whether you’re new to the market, expanding your menu or replacing existing equipment with its large selection of models and competitive warranty Star Holman’s got you covered. 

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Electronic Control/Staltek Coating- 30STE, 45STE, 50STE, 75STE
Electronic Control/Duratec Coating- 30SCE, 45SCE, 50SCE, 75SCE
Analog Control/Staltek Coating- 30ST, 45ST, 50ST, 75ST
Analog Control/Duratec Coating- 20SC, 30SC, 45SC, 50SC, 75SC
Analog Control/Chrome Coating- 20C, 30C, 45C, 50C, 75C

  • Exclusive heavy-duty roller bearing design for longer life, smoother operation, and minimal grease-free maintenance

  • Optional non-stick coatings offer increased durability

  • Optional electronic controls allow for ideal cooking performace, sensing temperature changes and automatically adjusting

  • Sectional heat control for mixed product flexibility

  • Analog or digital control options to fit any operation

  • Slim design offers maximum grill space with a minimum footprint

  • Angled configuration for best presentation