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Griddle gas
400xx Series

Lang offers a complete line of gas and electric commercial and marine cooking equipment. Using the latest technologies, they manufacture high performance equipment tailored for the chain operator and high volume environments.

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Snap-Action/Steel Plate- 424T, 436T, 448T, 460T, 472T
Snap-Action/Chrome Plate- 424TC, 436TC, 448TC, 460TC, 472TC
Solid State/Steel Plate- 424S, 436S, 448S, 460S, 472S
Solid State/Chrome Plate- 424SC, 436SC, 448SC, 460SC, 472SC

  • One [1] inch (25 mm) thick griddle surface with internal sensors 3/16 inch (5 mm) from the surface for instant response and fast recovery.

  • 30,000 BTU per twelve [12] inch section of griddle

  • 4.375 in. (111 mm) rear and side splash guard and a 3.5-inch(89 mm) by one [1] inch (25 mm) grease trough for easy cleanup

  • Standard Accu-Temp™ controls use snap-action thermostats and operate between 200° F (93° C) and 550° F (288° C)

  • Optional Selectronic™ controls use a solid-state system which reacts to a temperature change as small as 1° F and operate between 175° F (79° C) and 450° F (232° C) in incrementsof 25° F (14 ° C)

  • Both types of thermostat allow independent control of each twelve [12] inch (305 mm) section of griddle