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Griddle electric Embedded Snap-Action & Solid State electric countertop
124/136/148/160/172 [T,TC,S,SC]

Lang offers a complete line of gas and electric commercial and marine cooking equipment. Using the latest technologies, they manufacture high performance equipment tailored for the chain operator and high volume environments.

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Models: 124,136,148,160,172 [T, TC, S, SC]

T: Electric Snap-Action Thermostat, Polished Steel Plate
TC: Electric Snap-Action Thermostat, Chrome Plate
S: Solid State, Polished Steel Plate
SC: Solid State, Chrome Plate

  • Polished Steel Griddle Plate  1″ thick highly Polished Steel ensures even heat distribution for uniform temperatures and temperature control
  • CHROME Griddle Plate – 1″ thick Chrome delivers more uniform surface temperatures, tighter temperature control, and improved cleanability

VS. 3/4″ Plates

  • Plate thickness helps drive surface temperature, performance, and consistency
  • 1″ thick plates retain more valuable heat for faster recovery
  • 1″ thick plates allow thermostat probes to be mounted deep within the plate for improved performance
    3/4” plates have bottom-mounted probes only)

In addition to their exceptional mirror finish, chrome griddle plates don’t require seasoning with oil, clean up faster, reduce kitchen heat load, and nearly eliminate flavor transfer



  • Electric Snap-Action Thermostat
    Controls cycle the burner completely On-or-Off as demanded by surface temperature changes
    Surface temperature control of ±15°F to set point is typical for embedded probes
    Temperature control range of 150-450°F.
  • Solid State Thermostat
    Electronic controls with thermocouples embedded in the plate material react almost instantly to surface temperature changes
    Cycles the burner more frequently for more consistent performance
    Surface temperature control of ±4°F to set point is typical
    Temperature control range of 150-450°F