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Fryer marine counter model

Lang offers a complete line of gas and electric commercial and marine cooking equipment. Using the latest technologies, they manufacture high performance equipment tailored for the chain operator and high volume environments.

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Models: 130F[M,BASE-M,EXT36]

Marine Construction Features:

  • One piece heavy duty 430 Series stainless steel exterior, with attractive No. 4 finish

  • Enclosed cabinet base with door (range and floor models only)

  • Stainless steel fry kettle

  • 12-kW [total] rod type low watt density heating elements

  • Two frying baskets with manual basket lift system

  • Front mounted oil drain ball valve

  • Optional 4” adjustable bolt down legs on counter model. Optional 6″ adjustable bolt down legs on floor and range model

Performance Feature

  • Hatchable design allows movement through 26” X 66” watertight hatch

  • 68 lbs./hr of frozen fries production, in a space saving 15” wide unit

  • Kettle and element “cool zone” eliminate carbon build-up

  • Low watt density heating elements provide even heating and extend shortening life

  • Heating elements hinge up and out of kettle for easy cleaning

  • Enclosed cabinet base provides added storage (range and floor models only)

  • R-28SM Model provides an attractive, integrated battery look with Lang36” Marine Ranges