ECO3Ice Automated Ice Machine Sanitization

EcO3Ice™, the antimicrobial ice protection system by Franke, is a compact, low-power device that continuously treats incoming water used by ice machines to dramatically reduce microbial build-up, including bacteria, yeast and mold. EcO3Ice™ cuts the frequency of professional, deep cleanings by half, and is the only device that keeps not only the ice making area clean, but also remote storage bins and dispensers. 

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The compact EcO3Ice device uses a unique, synthetic diamond-based technology that continuously treats incoming ingredient water used by ice machines, killing bacteria, yeast and mold in the ice-making path from beginning to end. Reduces biofilm build-up, greatly extending required time between cleanings. With each cycle, EcO3Ice creates a small, safe but effective amount of pure ozone—nature’s own sanitizer–which continuously treats the machine interior, storage bin, remote bin and drains.