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Doyon’s PIZ series are the most advanced and productive compact pizza ovens on the market. The unique Jet Air sytems helps you bake 30% to 50% faster and more evenly than traditional deck ovens. These exclusive ovens occupy 40% to 50% less floor space for the same production. Preheats in 15 to 20 minutes or less at the start of the day and will bake your pizzas in 5 to 6 minutes at 460° F (238° C). Reduce your energy costs by more than 50% compared to a deck oven.The air is recycled and the heating system will be on about 60% of the time because of it’s high efficiency. 


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Othe models available: PIZ6

  • Fast baking: 5-6 minutes at 500°F (260ºC)

  • Preheats in 15 to 20 minutes or less at the start of the day (energy saving). There’s no need to increase the oven temperature during peak periods

  • The heat provided from the nickel coated perforated deck makes a nice even crust due to the air moving through the perforated holes and from the heat of the metal deck itself. You can remove a pie and put another one on the same spot without concern about cold spots you get from traditional deck ovens.

  • It occupies less floor space and offers greater menu flexibility and higher quality baking results.

  • Jet Air convection oven

  • Stainless steel inside and outside

  • Large baking capacity (3 baking decks) – 28″ W x 19 3/4″ D (711mm x 559mm)

  • Heavy duty doors with full view thermos glass

  • Direct baking on nickel coated perforated decks

  • 3/4 HP motor

  • Two year parts and One year labor limited warranty


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