Doyon & Nu-Vu
Oven/Proofer Combination

The JAOP Series from DOYON is known worldwide for its unique and patented JET AIR SYSTEM (the air moves in one direction for 2.5 minutes, stops for 20 seconds than moves the other way for 2.5 minutes resulting in a gentle velocity air flow for exceptional baking results, This system will help you bake faster and more evenly without having to turn your pans at half of the baking time. (Ex: Competitors units will bake only one side or unevenly : muffins blow over, bakes only the outside, etc). Our competitors oven allows the air to move in one direction only. DOYON ovens will bake better and your employees will continue preparations without worrying about turning pans.

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Other Models Available: JAOP3, JAOP6SL, JAOP10, JAOP12SL, JAOP14


DOYON outstanding uniform steam injection system includes an electronic timer which will give you a precise mist everytime for a better quality product (crusty breads, bagels, french baguettes, etc.). This superior steam system will allow inexperienced employees to produce quality products with a minimum of training.

  • Outstanding steam shot and pulse injection system

  • Ebake programmable control with USB

  • Exclusive patented reversing fan system

  • Multispeed fan

  • Fan delay switch

  • Compact space saving unit

  • High production oven

  • Full view heat reflective thermos glass doors

  • Brightly lit

  • Fully insulated, completely sealed

  • Temperature to a maximum of 500° F (260°C)

  • Energy efficient electric or gas heating (baking temperature reached in 15 minutes)

  • Magnetic latches

  • Door switch cut-off for fan blower

  • Locking casters

  • Stainless steel inside and outside

  • 3/4 HP motor

  •  Two year parts and One Year labor limited warranty


DOYON proofer provides uniform proofing from top to bottom with its even flow air system, fully automatic humidity injection (no water pans to fill). It comes with heat and humidity controls. It’s the easiest way to proof!

  • Manual controls

  • Holds from 90 °F to 110 °F (32 °C to 43 °C) with relative humidity up to 95%

  • Glass doors

  • Exclusive rust proof, scratch proof shelving

  • Automatic water float system (no water pans to fill)

  • Brightly lit

  • Magnetic latches

  • Stainless steel inside and outside

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