Countertop convection oven half-size

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Models: CCOH-3 & CCOH-4

  • High performance rear fan and heating element distribute convected heat evenly throughout the bake chamber

  • Baking temperature range is 175° F to 500° F

  • Heavy-duty oven door hinge mechanism provides reliable operation and is removable without tools for easy cleaning

  • Oven timer range is 0 to 120 minutes. Heat turns off automatically at the end of the timer cycle. The convection oven can also be used in “hand” mode providing continuous heat

  • A door interlock switch turns off the blower fan when the door is open minimizing heat loss in the oven and preventing heat from expelling into the kitchen

  • Oven door is constructed of double pane tempered glass providing an insulation barrier keeping the glass cool while providing easy viewing of product


  • CCOH-3 requires only 24.4’’ of counter space and can bake approximately 144 cookies every hour

  • A broiler element in the top of the bake chamber providing intense heat for broiling, browning and finishing menu items

  • Features three (3) removable wire racks and can accommodate three 1/2 size baking pans (not included)


  • CCOH-4 requires only 24.4’’ of counter space and can bake approximately 192 cookies every hour

  • Features four (4) removable wire racks and can accommodate four 1/2 size baking pans (not included)


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