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IR-4_6_8_10_12 SU

Imperial manufactures a complete line of standard and heavy duty stainless steel cooking equipment that is customizable to meet the diverse needs of customers in a commercial environment. The planning and precision used in Imperial’s manufacturing process result in a superior line of products for end users. Using top quality materials and incorporating unique features, Imperial produces equipment that is built to outperform and outlast the competition.

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Model Numbers

IR-6-SU, IR-6-SU-C, IR-6-SU-XB
IR-10-SU, IR-10-SU-C, IR-10-SU-CC, IR-10-SU-XB, IR-10-SU-C-XB
IR-12-SU, IR-12-SU-C, IR-12-SU-CC, IR-12-SU-XB, IR-12-SU-C-XB

Open burner

  • PyroCentric™ 32,000 BTU (9 KW) anti-clogging burner with a 7,000 BTU/hr. (2 KW) low simmer feature. Two rings of flame for even heating

  • Cast iron PyroCentric burners are standard on all IR Series Ranges

  • Burners are anti-clogging and lift-off and separate for easy cleaning. No gaskets or screws

  • One standing pilot per burner for instant ignition

  • Rear burners are elevated 4″ (102 mm) higher than front burners for easy and safe access to rear burners


  • Front grates measure 12″ x 11″ (305 x 279 mm). Back grates are 12″ x 13″ (305 x 330 mm).

  • Grates are cast iron for a long service life.

  • Anti-clogging shield is designed into the grate to protect the pilot from grease and debris.

Standard ovens

  • Both Space Saver and Chef Depth ovens are available

  • Linear burner provides even heating throughout the oven

  • Space Saver output is 27,000 BTU (8KW), Chef Depth is 35,000 BTU (10 KW)

  • Unique burner baffle distributes heat flow to provide even temperatures throughout the oven cavity

  • Exclusive heat deflector reflects heat into the oven, not the floor. 100% safety pilot

  • Space Saver interior is 20″ w x 26″ d x 14″ h (508 w x 660 d x 356 h mm). Chef Depth interior is 26-1/2″ w x 26″ d x 14″ h (673 w x 660 d x 356 h mm) and accommodates 18″ x 26″ (457 x 660 mm) sheet pans left-to-right and front-to-back

  • Porcelainized sides, rear, deck and door lining for easy cleaning. Heavy duty door hinge

  • Stamped inner door liner provides extra strength while optimizing heat retention

  • One chrome oven rack included


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