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Commercial range electric 72"

Imperial manufactures a complete line of standard and heavy duty stainless steel cooking equipment that is customizable to meet the diverse needs of customers in a commercial environment. The planning and precision used in Imperial’s manufacturing process result in a superior line of products for end users. Using top-quality materials and incorporating unique features, Imperial produces equipment that is built to outperform and outlast the competition.

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Available Models: IR-12-E, IR-12-E-C, IR-12-E-CC, IR-8-G24T-E,  IR-8-G24T-E-C, IR-8-G24T-E-CC, IR-6-G36T-E, IR-6-G36T-E-C, IR-4-G48T-E, IR-4-G48T-E-C, IR-4-G48T-E-CC  

Round plate elements

  • 2 KW round plate elements with easy-to-clean flat surface

  • Provides a solid flat surface for fast, even heating

  • Plates are 9″ (229) diameter for maximum pan contact

  • Solid top prevents spills from entering unit making clean-up easy

  • Infinite heat controls for maximum cooking flexibility

Griddle top

  • Thick highly polished steel plate with thermostat controls

  • 21″ (533 mm) plate depth

  • Even heating elements across the griddle section provide consistent temperature across the plate

  • 4″ (102 mm) wide grease trough and removable grease can for easy cleaning

  • Large griddle grease can is removable for easy cleaning

Standard oven

  • High performance 5.3 KW element provides even heating throughout the oven interior

  • Unique baffle above the element distributes heat flow to provide even cooking temperatures. Splatter screen protects the element from spills

  • Chef depth standard oven interior accommodates standard 18″ x 26″ (457 x 660 mm) sheet pans front-to-back and side-by side

  • Oven is 26½” w x 26″ d x 14″ h (673 x 660 x 356 mm)

  • Heavy duty thermostat with temperature range from 150º F to 500º F (65º C to 260º C)

  • Porcelainized sides, rear, deck and door lining

  • Stamped inner door liner provides extra strength while optimizing heat retention

  • One chrome oven rack is included

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