Sammic Food Preparation
Combi vegetable preparation & cutter-mixer emulsifier

SAMMIC manufactures a full line of food preparation and food preservation equipment. For over 50 years, they’ve been offering customized solutions to meet the needs of users in the foodservice industry. Their products are built with quality in mind to withstand demanding foodservice applications. At SAMMIC, they pay close attention to market needs and work with the aim of satisfying them, always following the highest standards.

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  • 2 in 1: large capacity veg prep machine with 5 lt. / 5 1/4 qt. cutter bowl
  • It consists of a variable speed motor block with a large capacity hopper and a 5 lt. / 5 1/4 qt. food processor bowl complete with a hub with serrated blades
  • User-friendly, waterproof led-lit control panel
  • Hopper, lid and bowl easily detachable for interchanging or cleaning
  • Automatic hopper detection.
  • As vegetable preparation machine: Machine and discs specially designed to obtain the perfect cut.
  • Adjustable speed (5 positions)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Central blade to slice open larger food products: maximum efficiency
  • Lateral shootout: needs less counter space and allows a more natural workflow (left to right)
  • High profile ejection disc for larger output.
  • As food processor: Adjustable speed (10 positions), programmable by time and pulse switch
  • 5 qt. stainless steel food processor bowl
  • Polycarbonate lid complete with scraper that allows consistent and homogeneous mixing and avoids product overheating
  • Optional flat blade set for raw meat and fibrous products
  • Optional perforated blade set specially designed to beat and mix


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